Wednesday 21 June 2017

A Tale of Two Cities

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell said a million people should “take to the streets to force Theresa May from power”. “The Tories have blood on their hands” and “Kick Theresa May out of Downing Street”.   Grayson in the 1930's; " We must break the rule of the rich and take our destinies into our own hands."  Such incendiary language goes to the heart of the Socialist movement in Britain in the 1930's.  Then as now, such poisonous language was the catalyst in efforts to bring down the government of the day to fall in line with its hard communist ideology that was fermenting in response to The Communist International, abbreviated as Comintern generated by the Bolshevik Pary in Soviet Russia.

Today Theresa May will present a Queen’s Speech aside from the Brexit legislative details it will be low key, and will be kept short.  Defeat will spell fall of the conservative government.  Today has also been assigned as The Day of Rage by leftist demonstrators and is quite likely will be noisy and may even turn violent.  It is understandable residents of Grenfell Tower has commanded attention since last week's devastating fire but politicising the tragedy does take away the focus from social housing and the system that failed using the inferno as a source of an attack on government.

Notting Hill where Grenfell Tower is situated sits among properties worth between three to four million pound houses and apartments and is indeed a tale of two cities.  On the back of this dichotomy, there is Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labour party is trying to score political points.  I know rapid increases in prices -Brexit pressures and falling pound exacerbated existing tensions, but these do not qualify a Democratic party to turn discontent into agitation seeing that such agitations easily fuelled by radicalism that is planting the seeds of anarchy.   Easy to accomplish since most of the new generation are a breed of extremists and highly politicised.

Moreover, what may appear as an unwillingness to sequestrate or appropriate empty multi-million-pound property, is what Corbyn has advocated could easily incite violence.  The government is not in support of the system that failed but announcing a public enquiry shows it is just as much on the side of the victims.

Discrediting the government at every stage and every tragedy adds to the possibility of creating upheavals which are what the irresponsible Labour leadership is evidently trying to do is not exactly conducive to reconciliation and unity.  He recently talked about unity but supporting 'The Day of Rage' is highly irresponsible.

Threatening a fragile government is straight of the history books, it never works, and if anything it plays in the hands of the Brussels negotiators.  The hard left in Britain is far harder to stomach than the hard right, and Brussels will treat it no less like a pariah state.

What we see today is not much different to the social agitation some members of the Labour party rhetoric of the 1930's when Victor Grayson advocated revolution.  Although The Independent Labour Party (ILP) a socialist political party was committed to the parliamentary road to socialism, during the election, Grayson supported a revolution. In his election address, Grayson wrote: I am appealing to you as one of your own class. I want emancipation from the wage-slavery of Capitalism. I do not believe that we are divinely destined to be drudges. Through the centuries we have been the serfs of an arrogant aristocracy. We have toiled in the factories and workshops to grind profits with which to glut the greedy maw of the Capitalist class.  That support was for a failing ideology but what is worse today is that comrade Corbyn et al. are promoting an already proven failed ideology; an anachronism to the modernity of today and at best an obsolescent thinking.  

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