Tuesday 19 February 2019


The Wall

It is a political call for civic and racial nationalism, identifying his territorial rights by skin colour. White Nationalism comes in many shades: racism, walls, tariffs, prejudice etc. lumped together to protect rightist deluded ideas of purity of the race and white supremacists outlook.  Also, in this case, vital protection against possible tipping of the voter scale heaven forbid, should this 'other' vote or dare to breed more Democrats.

For the white supremacist outsiders or the 'other' are classified under headings of invaders and according to Trump Jr's recent description as animals.  Many it seems among the American white people, including those considered hillbillies among the rural communities and hardcore section of Evangelicals believe in trademarking ethnicity, religion, language, of those darker shades as a primitive society, soiled and as corrupting influences. They would rather subscribe to such a catalogue of bigotry triumphing in their ignorance.  No allowance is to be giving to tolerance for a pluralistic multi-culturalism or diversity; instead, they would rather borrow from Trump Jr's, a rather repugnant language, better to leash or tamed them into subordination. Such is the acerbic doctrines and themes of Trumpism serving as a requisite framing device for holding his followers together. "Ignorance has many forms and all of them are dangerous."

Besides, there are other unsettling issues to be sorted out.  Should the ‘other’ is accepted in the white American Nation, for the next barrier is class prejudice. It is no exaggeration to say, Trump’s white supremacist ideology stuck in a groove of ethnic Nationalisms and eugenicist reasonings. Insofar as in this case, the racist overtones emanating from the mainly White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASP) community does not transcend the prejudices of religious undertones.  More or less a purposeful effort to revive tribalism but on a much larger and artificial scale.

If one happens to be a Muslim or a Christian, Arabic speaker with Mulato colouring or for that matter a South American, easily identifiable by colour and or religion, you better stay this side of the fence. Linguistic uniformity or class pretentiousness is not enough to save you.

American citizenship gives a right to belong to a group of common people but to white supremacists, those newcomers especially those of darker shades remain foreign and alien only accepted conditionally.  Holding  US nationality does not buy an automatic entry to the American (white) Nation nor is it an open entry to their social club.

Inalienable right; a constitutional right no longer a hedge against prejudice. What is at stake here is the white chauvinistic nation as a political entity trying to protect its genealogical purity and any other colour is defacto disfranchised. It is evident that this America has forgotten its roots distinctly profligated among what has become over the last couple of centuries a multiculturalist society.  For the modern state, as I profoundly accept, American union is one and indivisible, its sovereignty comes from its people of all shades and colours as rightfully phased out in its constitutional principles. Its constitution is enshrined in these principles as well as in the mix of its people. For those who advocate the inequality of races are the ones becoming a hybrid or at best possessors of a confused identity.  Cultural, ethnic, social or other differences are not there to be subtracted since equality means identical leading to a unitary and homogenous relationship.  I firmly believe John Adams, Thomas Jefferson et al. in their attempt at Liberty, they intended to raise the individual above religious, ethnic and other forms of communal consciousness but unfortunately, we now see a blurred image of these courageous presuppositions.

What seems to be happening today is a redefinition of the Modern State by introducing features set in prejudice, discrimination and political bigotry.  It represents a dangerous trend for a new  American cultural identity more in line with a model fifteenth-century feudalism when states were beginning to emerge out of the darkness, only distinguished by its way of life as a primary object of loyalty.  While modernity as the greater part of American society undoubtedly represents and enthralled by its progressiveness holding its racial doctrines within the scope of its evolutionary civic nationalism and multi-culturalism.

Two years ago one would never believe it possible for anyone could describe this side of America in the tone as I have done.  Unfortunately, the malignant signals that emanate today from an adverse party of the Presidency make it so.

An unacceptable but sad chapter in US history.

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