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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Syria: US 'to arm rebels' - latest


Suddenly America in its lack of wisdom has decided to “arm the rebels” in Syria, whatever that may eventually mean. America claims that it is following information that Syria is using Chemical weapons. If it decides to go ahead with it, on what some people believe the flimsy evidence, it would once more be a repeat performance of Iraq. The self-appointed super law-enforcement officer of the world is getting involved in wars again with nobody to police it. It seems not so much of a presidential decision but the machinery of the white house needing to put nationalism at the forefront of every presidential term of office. It seems like a periodic cycle of war involvement as if war is inherent to American culture.

Syria and its neighbours are already in a political quagmire embroiled in self-destruction with an insatiable appetite for hatred and vengeance. It is a sectarian war of gruesome cruelties that even the word Islam allows for no quarter. We see evidence of all manner of atrocities committed daily by both sides if videos are to be believed. America’s active part would, in tandem to other Arabic supply of arms, only lead to more mass murder and destruction. Getting into the murky waters of Middle Eastern infighting can only further implode an already explosive situation. The framework of The American Constitution is a construct of freedom liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but such belligerency checks any intentions of liberalism firmly inside America’s borders.

For justifying such American bellicose actions, the world would need substantial and impartial proof of Syria’s use of chemical weapons against the rebels. The test needs to be well grounded by those neutral observers with credentials in assimilating evidence. If America must interfere, it better be good this time!

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