Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Ron Paul: Dollar Will Collapse, Gold Will “Go To Infinity”


The more improbable that headline may be the more real it could happen. Why should we assume that the collapse of the Dollar is a paradox in the global economic lexicon?

The American economy is at its strongest when that government is indulging in a war. War is part of American culture as much as it is the hub of its economic wheel; its need for production is the ideal that sustains the American futures, and War ideology seems to be the axiom for American foreign policies.

The tyranny of global power is not better evidenced than by the situation we see in the Middle East today. In contrast to Anglo-French Orientalising and Romanticising that region in the world before World War II, American colonial reproduction since then has instead instituted war and destruction. The Middle East or orientalist ideology has been taken over by a hegemonic ideology that does not take “any prisoners” or make allowance for it to be different. It is a question of them and “us” culture, with the “them” that must be dominated. The right or left or the right and wrong are no longer an associative framework of foreign policy but instead to tyrannise “them” and freedom “us” should, in 'our' view, increasingly becoming the means to ends.

Worldviews change but should the western view of the world be allowed to dominate.  Orientals need to ask whether they would willingly accommodate the strengthening domination of the US to blanketing a hegemonic social power structure over the middle east.  If as in the current climate, the savagery of sectarian Middle East discord proving so destructive can these weakening regional powers stem that domination?  Orientals, need to realise, they are gradually but steadily to be excluded from a world society increasingly dominated by western social and economic standards that are progressively and continuously  reviewing, reassessing and reprogramming the status quo on the world stage.  Orientals need to gain their political representation, the means by which people (them) have a voice in their society.

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