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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cameron holds talks with Gulf leaders - Europe - Al Jazeera English

Cameron holds talks with Gulf leaders - Europe - Al Jazeera English

This article concerns David Cameron, The British Prime Minister, on tour of the Gulf States. Apparently he is on a mission to sell arms to the Arabs…so what is new! They are so cash rich they also want to be Arms rich…except of course the latter gets burnt much easier than the former.  Its all hard sell but with a difference...Machievelli can't do better!

Anyway, I digress!

One of the paragraphs reads “Western governments also fear the Arab Spring could usher in what they call a hardline Islamist rule in the place of authoritarian but pro-Western governments”. Despite this declaration I believe they welcome it rather than fear it. I believe Pan-Arabism is dead that if it had ever lived and although the Arabs would still ask the west to do the dirty work for them they still want to hoard their toys.
It is a very interesting article well worth reading

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