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Sunday, 25 August 2019

Racism in the United States

These days Racism and Anti-semitism are issues that make most of the daily on-line and press headlines.  Europe and America fed with a regular diet of conflicting interpretations and denials as to what constitutes either.  As a consequence, the political and social implications taken by the two sides of the argument producing embittered hatred across a swathe of society and polarising opinions. The daily reports point to an inherent cultural antagonism and a widening set of principles.  Despite Government efforts to temper this hostility by targeting racism, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism, and bring peace to social order, all three remain immune.   

This week I try to zoom in on Racism in America.  As trends go, most of them start in the United States.   This time, however, the source of this pattern can be pinned down.  Like clockwork, and, what has become what the doctor prescribed, is a must daily diet, President Trump can be a bitter pill to swallow.  He has a knack of stoking-up the fires, but undeniably he makes the talk of the world. 

The White Man's Flag - a video production.

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