Friday 8 February 2013


A guru once told me, well he didn’t, but I just like to make it up perhaps it gives more authority to what I am going to say.  I don’t know any gurus, and I wouldn’t know what a guru looks like if I see him/her. 

Anyway, where was I, oh yes.  A guru once said to me who said that each personality is like a rock one picks up. Some jagged edges can hurt one, and some typical, dull spots. Nothing is too special overall. But, put all these rocks in a polishing machine and let it tumble around awhile. Outcome some polished Agates. No sharp edges, no dull spots. More inspiring to the eye.

Without the sharp edges of opposing personalities, we have no opportunity to grind off our sharp edges and to finally shine. Sometimes I forget this lesson, but other times I am reminded of my edges, and thankful others are giving me a chance to practice tolerance and acceptance.

I like that, so I thought others might also see the wisdom in it as I see it or maybe not?

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